Here you’ll find a list of some of the best Minecraft servers in the community! While Minecraft offers a wonderful single-player experience, playing on a server allows you to interact and play with other people. A server is a world with special rules ran off a host computer, allowing you and others to connect and load into whatever world the server generates!

There are many different kinds of Minecraft servers, each serving a specific purpose. You can find servers focused on player-versus-player (PVP), gathering and crafting, or even some with the sole purpose of playing mini-games! On this server list, you can find a server suited for whatever you intend to do!

Below, you’ll see each server listed by name, the number of players currently active on it, and whether the server is online or not. You’ll also see a snippet highlighting what the server offers with a link to the server’s website just underneath it.

If you already have a specific server in mind (or a related keyword), you can type that into the search box for quick access. You can also narrow your search down by description, location, and even what version of Minecraft the server uses!

You can also alter how the results will be shown to you! If you want to see servers with high populations, you can set the list order to show servers ranked by number of players currently online. Maybe you just want to see new servers - you can sort by date too!

We think this list will really help you find a fun server to play on! It can be confusing and difficult to find a server that actually provides what you’re looking for. We did all the hard work and compiled this list so you can quickly learn what each server has to offer without doing the research yourself! Take a peek at the top Minecraft server list and start building in an exciting new world today!

Minecraft Server List

Rank Name Server Players Status
126 Nova UGLounge Presents: Bewitchment

0/0 offline
127 OPCraft

0/2000 offline

0/500 offline
129 Omegacraft

10758/12000 offline
130 Our Town

12/100 offline
131 Pixelmon Reforged

131/999 offline
132 PorkCraft Network

0/0 offline
133 PotterWorld

244/2000 offline
134 Project Kill

`Project Kill Vanilla 1.15.2` ⭐️Caring Staff ⭐️Skyblock, Dungeons, Roleplay? We got you! (more coming soon!!)

0/0 offline
135 ReactiveMC

3135/10000 offline
136 RocketMC

0/300 offline
137 Romania


51/2200 offline
138 Shadow Kingdom

15/500 offline
139 SonOyuncu

986/10000 offline
140 Survival Fun

Come play some survival with a chill community! Version: 1.16

0/0 offline
141 SurvivalSociety

We are a survival minecraft server in the latest version of minecraft with custom crafting recipes and enchants. We have a friendly community with a great staff team.

0/0 offline
142 TestingForNow

Coming back to the PC minecraft testing stuff and working daily.

0/0 offline
143 The Cavern | Towny

The Ultimate Towny Experience

0/0 offline
144 The Lord of the Craft

208/500 offline
145 TownyRealm

Custom Ranks, Jobs & McMMO, Towny & No-Grief Survivial, Crates, Player Warps & Shops

0/100 offline
146 TribeWars

13/150 offline
147 Vanilla Open PVP - Omnipoint Minecraft

Brand New Server 11/19 - Survival - Open PVP

0/50 offline
148 VariaNetwork

0/100 offline
149 WheelCraft

79/500 offline