The servers on the list below consist of the best Minecraft Call of Duty servers that you can play on! Minecraft Call of Duty servers combine the classic theme of Minecraft with the gameplay and shooter elements of the popular Call of Duty series.

If you’ve never played Call of Duty before, what you’ll experience inside a CoD Minecraft server is quite different from the classic single player mode. Rather than the typical bow and sword, you’ll have an array of guns and ammo to use to transform Minecraft into a first-person shooter. Zombies are the main enemy you’ll fight, paying tribute to the popular Zombie game mode with Call of Duty.

Playing on one of these top Call of Duty Minecraft servers is the best way to play Minecraft as a first-person shooter! Survive waves of zombie hordes, rack up headshots from afar, and enjoy the unique mashup of Call of Duty and Minecraft!

Minecraft Call of Duty Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
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