Have you ever enjoyed the single player aspect of Minecraft Skyblock, but wished you could fight other players? Now you can, by playing on one of the top Skywars Minecraft servers online! Minecraft Skywars uses the main concept of Skyblock, in which you’re marooned on an island in the sky with few resources.

What makes Skywars different is the player-versus-player (PVP) element that it adds in. Players and teams fighting against each other will often start on two separate, but closely-located floating islands. Usually there will be an additional island in the middle that connects the two, allowing convenient access to invade each other’s island.

This adds another layer of intrigue to the game, knowing that you could be ambushed at any moment while building on your own little paradise. Check through our list of the best Minecraft Skywars servers and get ready for some epic skirmishes against your opponents! We carefully picked the servers on the list with your enjoyment in mind. Each one is sure to satisfy your needs and provide you with a fun battle royale experience within Minecraft!

Minecraft Skywars Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 unitedcraft.pl


45/100 online
2 Pikouchu


Pikouchu is a small and a simple Server with a good community, join and you will see 😄 ✅ - Cracked version accepted 📍 play.pikouchu.com

0/1000 offline


Huge youtubers and streamers play here! Join now to find out why we are consistently described as the best prison server! Everyone is welcome :) See you there!

846/1000 offline
4 DirtCraft


0/999 offline
5 PvPWars


94/2500 offline
6 DirtCraft


0/999 offline
7 Hypixel


39355/200000 offline
8 GoldenCraft


Versión recomendada [1.17.x] Versiones compatibles [1.8 - 1.1.x]

0/30 offline
9 Marcoeh


We hope to make the players to have the best ever server experience in the world!

0/0 offline
10 AileNetwork


Come on to AileNetwork.com to enjoy a wide variety of games, such as survival and skyblock. We have a welcoming community that would love to have you join it. Dedicated staff members, amazing plugins, I could go on and on but why don't you see it for your self. At the moment we have: + SkyBlock (to

0/300 offline
11 FadeCraft


406/2000 offline
12 KretMC


Najlepszy Serwer bez lagów!

59/1000 offline
13 LuckyVN - Minecraft Server Việt Nam


LuckyVN - Minecraft - JOIN NOW

1173/2512 offline
14 Minecraft Central


1124/10000 offline
15 WackLands


This server is mostly based on minigames, skywars & survival! It would be appreciated if you would join!

0/20 offline