This is a list of the top Survival Minecraft servers that you can choose from! These Minecraft Survival servers are all about staying alive, but that doesn’t mean that it will be easy! Minecraft is often about building a shelter and gather materials, but Survival servers give you the not-so-simple task of not dying!

On a Survival server, gameplay is designed to make you struggle to stay alive. You’ll want to find a shelter quickly before night falls. Once it finally becomes nighttime, every monster will want you dead and will do their best to ensure you die. You can also find a Minecraft Survival server focused on Player versus Player (PvP), in which case you’ll want to kill and avoid other players instead!

No matter what your Minecraft interests are, you can certainly enjoy the aspects of a Survival server! Check out the best Minecraft Survival servers on the list below, and stay on your toes as you do your best to stay alive!

Minecraft Survival Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 BreakdownCraft

159/600 online
2 MineWind

323/-1 online
3 lepelcraft - cracked

Like Minecraft? Want a fun online experience? Come join lepelcraft. We dont do all the fancy minigames and cumbersome rules. Just have fun, in survival, with griefing disabled and a way to claim your personal little place in the world.

1/15 online
4 Craftadia

159/500 online
5 SqueejCraft

24/7 public Semi-vanilla PvE

17/64 online
6 AppleCraft

224/300 online
7 Minevictus

38/1 online
8 Apeiron

32/200 online
9 ManaCube

2407/2500 online
10 ExtremeCraft

1058/5000 online
11 Aspiria

86/500 online
12 Eternia

65/100 online
13 MomentoNetwork

168/1000 online
14 Azalel

20/2020 online
15 GRX3 mc

Survival server. Unlimited world. Default setup. Come play! Website : Server Recently Updated to v1.15.1

1/10 online
16 Nytro

75/5000 online
17 Crafters Cove


7/999 online
18 DarkAge Survival -

bloodmoon, shop, heads, back, anticheat

2/200 online
19 Hypixel

100275/100100 online
20 ImmortalSurvival

ImmortalSurvival has a small community with freindly staff, McMMO, Crates, over 300 hours of rankups and rewards, landclaiming, and much more!

1/160 online
21 Marcoeh

We hope to make the players to have the best ever server experience in the world!

0/0 online
22 MineSaga

957/10000 online
23 Snapcraft

351/1750 online
24 Altitude

77/250 online
25 BBQMines!

BBQMines is a survival server on Minecraft 1.15. Gameplay is vanilla with a few extras like /sethome, /spawn, and /tpa, but there are NO land claims or grief protection. Come join the great community and helpful staff!

2/50 online