If you find yourself enjoying the single player Minecraft experience, but are starting to run out of things to do, you should try one of the best Tekkit Minecraft servers! The list on this page has several Tekkit servers, all chosen with the intention of offering you a quality gameplay experience!

Tekkit Minecraft stays fairly true to the original Minecraft experience, but you have the ability to develop far more advanced technologies. With a wide array of new things you can build and work towards, there are countless hours of fun to be had!

While the traditional Minecraft experience is focused on mining and exploring, Tekkit servers have more of a focus on industrialization. Instead of digging into the depths of the world yourself, you can craft and develop technology that will extract precious materials for you! Why work harder when you can just work smarter?

If advanced technology and building sounds like your style of Minecraft server, then you’ll love one of the top Minecraft Tekkit servers found on the list below!

Minecraft Tekkit Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 APOC Gaming Modpack Network


APOC Gaming is a large, multi-server modded and vanilla, minecraft server network. We host 20+ servers from 1.5.2 to 1.16.x versions of minecraft.

18/100 offline