Version 1.12.2 test.

Minecraft 1.12.2 Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 lepelcraft anarchy - cracked

Anarchy, on a small scale! Come play on our 40,000 x 40,000 block world where the only rule is "don't break the server". We're running Paper 1.12.2 with only a few plugins for utility. Anything is allowed, build, destroy, kill!

2/50 online



1254/1255 online


Huge youtubers and streamers play here! Join now to find out why we are consistently described as the best prison server! Everyone is welcome :) See you there!

1242/1243 online
4 Eternia

34/150 online
5 Performium Network

597/3999 online
6 Centural Us

All players get OP on login; Once 1.17 releases we will decide permeant staff roles or player role if decided. Please join our discord

0/42 online
7 SqueejCraft

24/7 public Semi-vanilla PvE

2/64 online
8 Minehuana

1/100 online
9 CatholicCraft

Catholic Minecraft Server

5/250 online
10 Snapcraft

342/1750 online
11 HappyCloud

15/100 online
12 Pixelmon Server - OPPixelmon

Pixelmon Reforged Server We just reset and revamped last month! Join for a fresh start Constant new features and GIVEAWAYS

0/20 online
13 VentureLand

27/110 online
14 los primos

Ășnanse a mi server diversion infinita si quieren :/

62004/200000 online
15 GearFriends

12/1000 online
16 JailBreak

11/1000 online
17 Vanilla Realms

Welcome to Vanilla Realms! We are a semi-vanilla survival server, created for players who seek an authentic survival experience. When creating Vanilla Realms, we kept one thing in mind; keep it simple. We wanted a place where anybody can come together to play solo, with friends or meet new friends!

62/200 online

Minecraft server with live map and chat ! Please dont build next to other players give them room to build, and dont steal. Link to live map in website link.

0/1000 online
19 DirtCraft


14/999 offline
20 DirtCraft


14/999 offline
21 KvinneKraft - [1.15.2] 1.8 PvP Raiding

[Supported: 1.14-1.15.2] - [PvP, Raiding, Survival, Factions, Economy and much more.] [Magical Items] [Looking for staff] #staff

5/30 offline

it is an anarchy server it runs from 9:00 to 9:00 EDT it it saying it is offline but it is not

0/0 offline
23 Badcraft

A hard fun and awesome anarchy server (1.16.5)

0/24 offline
24 Bapcraft

Experience a mostly-vanilla Survival, Creative and Anarchy Survival gameplay on Bapcraft. We're a small 1.12 server with 1.8 compatibility, minimal rules, and no Microsoft account required.

0/512 offline
25 EpicServer

Simple minecraft server with awesome plugins vanilla based and classic survival

2/15 offline