This list will show you the top Economy Minecraft servers to play on! If you’ve never played on an Economy server before, the name of it quite literally explains the purpose! Your goal is to earn currency or coins within the game via completing tasks you’re already familiar with, like mining gems and collecting resources.

Each server will have their own rules and regulations surrounding the currency they use. Once you’ve earned some, you’ll be able to exchange it for special items and other fun perks! Minecraft Economy servers allow you to play the game like you normally would, while also earning a sense of progression as you work towards earning valuable coins to exchange.

We carefully combed through servers to compile a useful list of the best Minecraft Economy servers. This list is sure to provide you with multiple viable options to enjoy, giving you alternatives if you’re looking for a specific set of rules. You can see how many players are online and follow a link to the server’s website, making it easy for you to find an Economy server you’ll love!

Minecraft Economy Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
26 Fruit Servers

46/200 online
27 HappyCloud

51/300 online
28 HomeTown

25/200 online
29 HypariaMC

2/1000 online
30 JailBreak

95/1000 online
31 LemonCloud

828/3000 online
32 LemuriaMC

3840/8000 online
33 Luminex

18/300 online
34 LuthCraft

70/350 online
35 McAnvil


3840/8000 online
36 MineVille

350/1000 online
37 NemeGaming

70/500 online
38 Our Town

20/100 online
39 Pixelmon Reforged

56/999 online
40 Shadow Kingdom

15/500 online
41 The Lord of the Craft

131/500 online
42 WaterWay

43/100 online
43 WheelCraft

29/1000 online
44 FortuneMC

FortuneMC - Factions & Prisons & Hub Server

0/0 offline
45 RubyPvP

A 24/7 Minecraft community server. We are trying to give you the best support and tips to make your Minecraft experience great on our server.

0/0 offline
46 SparklePvP

SparklePvP.DE - PvP, Casino/Gambling, Gelddrucker & Clans, alles auf einem Server vereint.

0/0 offline
47 TimeCade

0/0 offline
48 FantasyRealm Survival 1.14.4 (KeepInv)

0/0 offline
49 BattleAsya

0/0 offline
50 ChocolateHills

0/0 offline