This list will show you the top Economy Minecraft servers to play on! If you’ve never played on an Economy server before, the name of it quite literally explains the purpose! Your goal is to earn currency or coins within the game via completing tasks you’re already familiar with, like mining gems and collecting resources.

Each server will have their own rules and regulations surrounding the currency they use. Once you’ve earned some, you’ll be able to exchange it for special items and other fun perks! Minecraft Economy servers allow you to play the game like you normally would, while also earning a sense of progression as you work towards earning valuable coins to exchange.

We carefully combed through servers to compile a useful list of the best Minecraft Economy servers. This list is sure to provide you with multiple viable options to enjoy, giving you alternatives if you’re looking for a specific set of rules. You can see how many players are online and follow a link to the server’s website, making it easy for you to find an Economy server you’ll love!

Minecraft Economy Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 FortuneMC

FortuneMC - Factions & Prisons & Hub Server

0/0 offline
2 Ham5teak

139/250 online
3 lepelcraft - cracked

Like Minecraft? Want a fun online experience? Come join lepelcraft. We dont do all the fancy minigames and cumbersome rules. Just have fun, in survival, with griefing disabled and a way to claim your personal little place in the world.

4/50 online
4 Datblock

121/500 online
5 SparklePvP

SparklePvP.DE - PvP, Casino/Gambling, Gelddrucker & Clans, alles auf einem Server vereint.

20/21 online
6 AppleCraft

174/300 online
7 BreakdownCraft

140/600 online
8 TimeCade

0/500 online
9 Minehuana

0/0 offline
10 Apeiron

45/200 online
11 Aspiria

154/500 online
12 ChocolateHills

0/10 online
13 Good Gaming

110/1200 online
14 PokeNinjas

131/480 online
15 SpectralisMC

0/0 offline
16 AileNetwork


Come on to to enjoy a wide variety of games, such as survival and skyblock. We have a welcoming community that would love to have you join it. Dedicated staff members, amazing plugins, I could go on and on but why don't you see it for your self. At the moment we have: + SkyBlock (to

0/300 online
17 Altitude

60/250 online
18 Becto

109/750 online
19 CastiaMC

334/1000 online
20 CraftYourTown

22/250 online
21 Cultivate

21/200 online
22 GrandTheftMinecraft

140/1500 online
23 HappyCloud

25/300 online
24 HomeTown

16/200 online
25 HypariaMC

74/1000 online