Check out the list on this page to see the top Minecraft FTB servers available to play on! Feed the Beast is one of the most popular modpack modes to play on, but you can also play with friends online via one of these servers!

If you’ve never tried an FTB or modded server before, they’re an excellent way of adding a fresh twist to your Minecraft gameplay. Modded servers like FTB servers offer far more complex ways to play the game. You’ll often discover that you can make a number of new items that you wouldn’t be able to on a regular server. Especially on a Feed the Beast server, you can find several new technologies that you can learn and develop!

One problem with trying to install and use your own mods is that most mods you’ll find weren’t designed to work together. That doesn’t mean that they can’t work, but you’ll often encounter glitchy or weird gameplay with mixing mods. FTB servers fix this issue by custom crafting modpacks with mods that do in fact work well together, providing you with a smooth gameplay experience.

With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to try some of the best FTB Minecraft servers, conveniently located for you below! FTB is a great way of playing Minecraft, so why not make it even better with some friends?

Minecraft FTB Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 APOC Gaming Modpack Network


APOC Gaming is a large, multi-server modded and vanilla, minecraft server network. We host 20+ servers from 1.5.2 to 1.16.x versions of minecraft.

13/100 offline
2 Ultimate Haven

Fresh Map! Come back and relive the ultimate experiance!

0/35 offline
3 Arago

MagicTech, DraconicTech, MagicRPG, SkyBlock, Pixelmon

0/10 offline
4 Fluid Client Lounge

The best 1.13+ SMP server you'll find

1/4444 offline