Looking for the best Minecraft hardcore servers? You’ll find them on this carefully-curated list below, as each server is selected with the sole purpose give you the best gameplay experience!

If you’re the type of gamer that enjoys a real challenge where every decision matters, hardcore is the gameplay style for you. Even the pixelated world of Minecraft has a hardcore game mode, with your entire world disappearing if you have the misfortune of dying!

When you consider hardcore in a server setting, it wouldn’t make sense for the entire server to die when you do. Instead, the way a hardcore Minecraft server works is by issuing you a temporary ban upon death. This will go away after a set period of time, or when all players die on the server. This creates a fresh and engaging way of playing Minecraft, making you really think about each decision beforehand.

If high stakes gameplay is your cup of tea, take a look at the top hardcore Minecraft servers on this list! At least one of these servers is guaranteed to give you a thrill!

Minecraft Hardcore Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 Stone  Zone


The Dankest SMP on the West Coast

3/64 online
2 Anarquia


Anarquia is a vanilla anarchy Minecraft server Bedrock and Java running since 18rd of Juny 2021, designed to give players total freedom to play Minecraft just as the developers intended.

0/100 online
3 VentureLand


21/110 online
4 YoloCraft


A serious and advanced economy server.

6/15 online
5 ApexMC


0/2020 online
6 SimpleSMP


2/40 online
7 Vortex Network


Vortex Network is a Minecraft server focused on high quality game modes. Explore the galaxy and conquer the universe! - Prison - Pixelmon - Skyblock -

1191/3000 online
8 Luminex


0/300 offline