Are you looking for the top Minecraft Modded servers? You’ve found them! You’ll never need to look anywhere other than here to find a list of all the best!

Much like the name suggests, Modded Minecraft servers are a modded twist on the standard Minecraft experience! Mods themselves are as varied as game servers themselves, with each creating a different gameplay experience. The servers on the list below have been chosen because they offer a seamless modded Minecraft experience!

One problem with using mods on Minecraft is they aren’t all compatible with each other. Modded Minecraft servers are specifically designed for all mods to work together flawlessly. This gives you an extremely unique and smooth Minecraft experience like no other! Modded servers add different ways to play and countless extra things to do!

If you enjoy Minecraft, but have felt a little bored with the classic experience, give a modded server a try! You can find the best Modded Minecraft servers on this list below!

Minecraft Modded Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 lepelcraft - cracked

Like Minecraft? Want a fun online experience? Come join lepelcraft. We dont do all the fancy minigames and cumbersome rules. Just have fun, in survival, with griefing disabled and a way to claim your personal little place in the world.

1/15 online
2 MineSaga

952/10000 online