Do you enjoy immersing yourself in the theme and environment of the games you play? Are you interested in roleplaying a character within the setting of Minecraft? If so, you should take a look at the top Minecraft Roleplay servers, which is located on this page!

Roleplay servers are focused on connecting with your character and a greater idea overall. Rather than just play the game, you’ll want to behave like your character is meant to in whatever roleplay situation you’re in. Pretend that you are actually there inside the game rather than your character.

In a Minecraft Roleplay server, you’ll get to act out whatever fantasy the server is designed for. Some have a focus on crafting, others on combat, and a few just on living in the beautiful world of Minecraft!

This list contains the best Roleplay Minecraft servers around! We make sure these servers are well-designed, high-quality, stable, and above all, fun! If you want to get into character and literally jump into the Minecraft world, play on a roleplay server!

Minecraft Roleplay Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 Performium Network

784/1999 online
2 MineWind

285/-1 online
3 Datblock

153/1000 online
4 ExtremeCraft

470/3000 online
5 PhanaticMC

86/100 online
6 CastiaMC

270/1000 online
7 GrandTheftMinecraft

48/1500 online
8 Royal Legacy


120/1000 online
9 Creative Fun

214/2000 online
10 HomeTown

22/200 online
11 McAnvil


3852/8000 online
12 Minelink

15/1000 online
13 Pixelmon Reforged

62/999 online
14 PotterWorld

48/2000 online
15 Shadow Kingdom

21/500 online
16 The Lord of the Craft

141/500 online
17 TimeCade

0/0 offline
18 Allotron

0/50 offline
19 RocketMC

0/0 offline