Are you ready to try out some of the best Minecraft Skyblock servers you’ve ever played on? If you’ve never heard of Minecraft Skyblock, it’s an awesome refresher from the usual gameplay you might be accustomed to. Rather than playing in an open, ever-expanding world, a Skyblock server will place you on an island in the sky.

This forces you to be quite clever when it comes to resource management. You might find just a single tree, and if you thought you’d start with stone tools, think again because cobblestone is nowhere to be found. To succeed in a Skyblock world, you’ll have to learn some advanced crafting recipes to create special inventions, like a machine that will produce cobblestone for you.

This list will make picking a top Skyblock Minecraft server to play on super-easy! You can quickly get a glimpse of what each server is about and a link to take you straight to the website. If you want to see servers packed full of people, search by number of players online. Skyblock is one of the most popular game modes around. Try one out and find out why for yourself!

Minecraft Skyblock Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status


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870/1000 online
2 BreakdownCraft

80/600 online
3 UniverseMC

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693/5000 online
4 Performium Network

818/3999 online
5 MineSuperior

2259/10000 online
6 Gamster

1123/5000 online
7 DirtCraft


45/999 online
8 PvPWars

2647/4250 online
9 ManaCube

1237/3000 online
10 VanityMC

1207/2020 online
11 DirtCraft


45/999 online
12 ExtremeCraft

579/5000 online
13 MomentoNetwork

86/1000 online
14 Nytro

22/5000 online
15 SkyRealms

4/750 online
16 WheelCraft

238/500 online
17 CastiaMC

151/1000 online
18 SonOyuncu

7804/20000 online
19 Amazing Skyblock

DDoS protection (serverlist slow refresh) 3 types of island Economy Mines Island menu Island skills Rewards Crates Market & shop Trades Pets Fallen treasures Kits Dungeons

0/90 online
20 BreakingMC

9/1500 online
21 FadeCraft

231/2000 online
22 GuildCraft

80/750 online
23 HypariaMC

3/500 online
24 McAnvil


2262/10000 online
25 MineSpire

0/200 online