Are you ready to try out some of the best Minecraft Skyblock servers you’ve ever played on? If you’ve never heard of Minecraft Skyblock, it’s an awesome refresher from the usual gameplay you might be accustomed to. Rather than playing in an open, ever-expanding world, a Skyblock server will place you on an island in the sky.

This forces you to be quite clever when it comes to resource management. You might find just a single tree, and if you thought you’d start with stone tools, think again because cobblestone is nowhere to be found. To succeed in a Skyblock world, you’ll have to learn some advanced crafting recipes to create special inventions, like a machine that will produce cobblestone for you.

This list will make picking a top Skyblock Minecraft server to play on super-easy! You can quickly get a glimpse of what each server is about and a link to take you straight to the website. If you want to see servers packed full of people, search by number of players online. Skyblock is one of the most popular game modes around. Try one out and find out why for yourself!

Minecraft Skyblock Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
51 SandwichClub

sandwich club survial and skyblock

0/35 offline
52 SugarMC

SugarMC is an upcoming Skyblock server bringing something new to the Skyblock genre, we are heavily based on bringing the PVP aspect, we can't forget our mobs too! We also introduce an PVE/PVP based experience with not over rated grinding methods, but unique features and aspects of Skyblock.

0/0 offline
53 AileNetwork


Come on to to enjoy a wide variety of games, such as survival and skyblock. We have a welcoming community that would love to have you join it. Dedicated staff members, amazing plugins, I could go on and on but why don't you see it for your self. At the moment we have: + SkyBlock (to

0/300 offline
54 Arago

MagicTech, DraconicTech, MagicRPG, SkyBlock, Pixelmon

1/10 offline
55 BreakingMC

0/1000 offline
56 Community Craft 1.18

Crossplay enabled, with over 60+ plugins

1/3000 offline
57 Geodesic

Enter the Space Race, Private companies colonizing mars and beyond.

0/0 offline
58 GuildCraft

65/750 offline
59 Kingdom Craft

Creative, Survival, Factions, Skyblock

3/500 offline
60 LuckyVN - Minecraft Server Việt Nam

LuckyVN - Minecraft - JOIN NOW

110/2512 offline
61 McpeSmp

Yo guys public smp here so lets pls yahuu so rules padh liye honge aone so mai bta du no hacking and help players pls kar dena idko bi lamba karo ksksksskskskskbrmtkfbdnrn3k3kw e rmekenwkwkekjetsizkgxyxlycucjvlvvdystkxlcpufoydkgxhcljfitstljvifi5w74sodkyei5sitdflyflyflufpuffyfpfpyfyod85eydodw96wylral

0/0 offline
62 MineSpire

2/200 offline
63 Minelink

1/1000 offline
64 OPCraft

0/1000 offline
65 PorkCraft Network

0/0 offline
66 Project Kill

`Project Kill Vanilla 1.15.2` ⭐️Caring Staff ⭐️Skyblock, Dungeons, Roleplay? We got you! (more coming soon!!)

0/35 offline
67 RocketMC

0/300 offline
68 VariaNetwork

0/100 offline