If you enjoy the original and traditional experience of Minecraft and want to play with some friends, then check out this list of the top Vanilla Minecraft servers! There are plenty of Vanilla Minecraft servers to choose from, but picked the servers on this list because they offer the best gaming experience!

Vanilla Minecraft servers are Minecraft servers that don’t use mods to enhance or add to gameplay. The sandbox game style of Minecraft allows for plenty of customizability and things to do by itself. While modded servers can certainly be fun to play on, you might lose interest when you begin to realize core aspects of Minecraft don’t matter on modded servers.

Playing on a Vanilla server is an excellent way of keeping all aspects of Minecraft relevant. This makes it easier to understand and play on, because you won’t need to learn any special rules!

Here is a helpful list of the best Minecraft Vanilla servers! If you want the to play the original Minecraft experience online, try a Vanilla server!

Minecraft Vanilla Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 Pikouchu


Pikouchu is a small and a simple Server with a good community, join and you will see 😄 ✅ - Cracked version accepted 📍 play.pikouchu.com

5/1000 online
2 Anarchy.bar


0/100 online
3 CraftMC.PL - Najlepszy serwer w Polsce!


CraftMC.PL - Najlepszy serwer w Polsce! Wsparcie wersji: 1.7.2 - 1.17.1 Najnowsze wersje tylko u Nas! Wbijaj do nas na serwer CraftMC.PL

1103/2000 online
4 AppleCraft


172/300 online
5 Centural Us


All players get OP on login; Once 1.17 releases we will decide permeant staff roles or player role if decided. Please join our discord https://discord.com/invite/YV4fEuE9fm

1/42 online
6 Anarquia


Anarquia is a vanilla anarchy Minecraft server Bedrock and Java running since 18rd of Juny 2021, designed to give players total freedom to play Minecraft just as the developers intended.

0/100 online
7 Spooky SMP


SMP, For fun, Events, Friendly Community and staff

7/1337 online
8 SqueejCraft


24/7 public Semi-vanilla PvE

1/64 online
9 Minevictus


7/32 online
10 Stone  Zone


The Dankest SMP on the West Coast

2/64 online
11 Tales of Imperia


Join the newest Minecraft community with an experience that will change the way you play the game. Meet the friendly staff, the great players and make new friends for life. Tales of Imperia is a Nations Server with RPG themes. Come and start a nation while battling for leader and guiding your nation

0/200 online
12 Wolfx Survival


Wolfx Survival server. There are few rules and no OP

40/2304 online
13 CatholicCraft


Catholic Minecraft Server

5/250 online
14 IllusiveMC Survival


IllusiveMC is a Semi-Modded Minecraft Survival Server. Our Server has features like MCmmo, Vein Miner, RTP, Silk-Touchable Spawners, Clans, Player Shops, Land Claims, Supply Drops and so much more.

14/35 online
15 . :T3K: . Minecraft Survival


. :The Three Kings: . is a clan that has been around since 2010! We are a U.S. West Coast based clan with people that play all sorts of games. We focus on all genres in gaming, playing games like CS:GO, Battlefield, Borderlands, Minecraft, Quake Champions, World of Warcraft, AoE:II and many more! We

2/50 online
16 11th Dream


1/70 online
17 HuabaCraft - SMP [1.17.1] JAVA/BEDROCK


We're a community Survival SMP Server that is non P2W with great features and rewarding Play To Win Features!

62/150 online
18 HypariaMC


20/250 online
19 Minhiriath


0/0 online
20 FantasyRealmMC Reborn 1.16.1


Do you want a faithful and unique Minecraft experience? FantasyRealmMC Reborn is the server for you!

1/45 offline
21 GRX3 mc


Survival server. Unlimited world. Default setup. Come play! Website : http://grx3.com Server Recently Updated to v1.15.1

0/10 offline
22 Badcraft


A hard fun and awesome anarchy server (1.16.5)

0/24 offline
23 Bapcraft


Experience a mostly-vanilla Survival, Creative and Anarchy Survival gameplay on Bapcraft. We're a small 1.12 server with 1.8 compatibility, minimal rules, and no Microsoft account required.

0/512 offline
24 Comet FreeBuild Creative | 1.16.3/4


Most creative servers require their players to donate for perks such as WorldEdit and Trails.Our mission is to create an internationally equal creative server that got rid of those silly donation requirements. We custom-created a system unlike any other server, that allows for players of any backg

11/50 offline
25 EpicServer


Simple minecraft server with awesome plugins vanilla based and classic survival

2/15 offline