If you enjoy the original and traditional experience of Minecraft and want to play with some friends, then check out this list of the top Vanilla Minecraft servers! There are plenty of Vanilla Minecraft servers to choose from, but picked the servers on this list because they offer the best gaming experience!

Vanilla Minecraft servers are Minecraft servers that don’t use mods to enhance or add to gameplay. The sandbox game style of Minecraft allows for plenty of customizability and things to do by itself. While modded servers can certainly be fun to play on, you might lose interest when you begin to realize core aspects of Minecraft don’t matter on modded servers.

Playing on a Vanilla server is an excellent way of keeping all aspects of Minecraft relevant. This makes it easier to understand and play on, because you won’t need to learn any special rules!

Here is a helpful list of the best Minecraft Vanilla servers! If you want the to play the original Minecraft experience online, try a Vanilla server!

Minecraft Vanilla Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
51 Salem Craft


0/50 offline
52 Survival Fun


Come play some survival with a chill community! Version: 1.16

0/400 offline
53 SurvivalSociety

We are a survival minecraft server in the latest version of minecraft with custom crafting recipes and enchants. We have a friendly community with a great staff team.

0/0 offline
54 Teyamo's Flatland


Teyamo's Hiding Spot - Dutch/English spoken server

0/0 offline
55 Teyamo's Survival Island


Teyamo's Survival Island - Dutch/English spoken server

0/0 offline
56 TribeWars


13/150 offline
57 VanilissimaItalianissima

0/0 offline
58 Vanilla Open PVP - Omnipoint Minecraft


Brand New Server 11/19 - Survival - Open PVP

0/50 offline
59 VariaNetwork


0/100 offline
60 acube

0/0 offline
61 bringiton47

Official Eldorado Market Minecraft Server.

0/20 offline
62 vanillaitaliana

questo e un semplice server vanilla italiano 1.17.1 non entrare con la 1.17

0/0 offline