Are you looking for the best Minecraft PvE servers? Lucky for you, there’s an excellent list below that will surely have a fun server for you to play on! PvE Minecraft servers are all about killing monsters!

If you’ve never heard of PvE before, it stands for Player vs. Environment. In Minecraft, the environment represents the bestiary of monsters you’ll find within the game. This includes a wide array of creatures like the zombie pigman, enderman, spiders, and even really tough monsters like the Ender Dragon!

Minecraft typically has a heavy focus on crafting and building, but PvE servers are focused on the combat aspect of the game. While night time is a minor annoyance in single player, it becomes a real danger and cause for concern on a PvE Minecraft server!

If you want to don your sword and take to monster slaying, a Minecraft PvE server is the choice for you! Check out the top PvE Minecraft servers on this list!

Minecraft PvE Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
51 Runa Survival Vanilla Public

Runa Survival Vanilla Public[No Resets][SMP][No Whitelist][No Rules][24/7 Up Time][Canada Hosted][100 slots][Vanilla 1.15.1]

0/6 offline
52 ScuttleMC

A SMP Server W/ Slimefun+Galactifun, McMMo, Custom Enchants, 1.8 combat, Geyser, tradinggui, veinminer, pvptoggle, & many more features.

0/20 offline
53 Squad Squad

0/0 offline
54 SugarMC

SugarMC is an upcoming Skyblock server bringing something new to the Skyblock genre, we are heavily based on bringing the PVP aspect, we can't forget our mobs too! We also introduce an PVE/PVP based experience with not over rated grinding methods, but unique features and aspects of Skyblock.

0/0 offline
55 Ultimate Haven

Fresh Map! Come back and relive the ultimate experiance!

0/35 offline
56 VexMC

VexMC is a Minecraft SMP Server with many unique and custom additions that enhance vanilla gameplay!

0/1 offline
57 YoloCraft

A serious and advanced economy server.

0/20 offline
58 universium

A server that aspires to become as unique as possible.

0/50 offline

Old-school vanilla anarchy, no hacks allowed. 30-million block radius. We NEVER reset the map. Grief, steal, kill, say anything you want.

6/100 offline
60 11th Dream

0/90 offline
61 Allotron

0/0 offline
62 Altitude

4/100 offline
63 BBQMines!

BBQMines is a survival server on Minecraft 1.15. Gameplay is vanilla with a few extras like /sethome, /spawn, and /tpa, but there are NO land claims or grief protection. Come join the great community and helpful staff!

0/1337 offline
64 Coal SMP

Coal SMP is the go-to choice for players wanting a semi-vanilla SMP experience on MInecraft 1.20!

0/2023 offline
65 CraftYourTown

69/500 offline
66 DRG Survival

DRGSurvival is a Minecraft survival server with a Village protection system. Start a village and begin grinding your way to the top of our server. We have customized quests, jobs, MobArena, a constantly improving economy and an overall fun community.

0/100 offline
67 HomeTown

10/60 offline
68 Hood SMP

Semi-Vanilla SMP with some management plugins/economy.

1/50 offline
69 Horizon RPG

HorizonRPG 1.17.1 Dungeons McMMO Quests Elite Mobs Trading Land Claims IP: Welcome to the future of gaming, we innovate minecraft to the next level. Join up now to be able to take your minecraft experience to the next level, complete dungeons with friends take over the server and

1/30 offline
70 HyperGlobe

0/100 offline
71 Infernal Slaughter

Choose a Class - Equip Custom abilities - Kill custom Mobs - Get Custom Drops - Complete Custom Quests - Upgrade Custom Gear with Custom Items with Unique Methods - Level up and Unlocked MORE custom abilities - Customizable Builds for each player , Totally Unique Fighting System. PvE , PvP , Faction

23/120 offline
72 JailBreak

0/1000 offline
73 Keaths-Network

pve, vivecraft, creative, survival

0/20 offline
74 LemuriaMC

149/2500 offline
75 Lollidmängivad

0/12 offline