On this list you can find the best Minecraft Kit PvP servers available to play on today! Minecraft Kit PvP servers combine the classic elements of fighting other players with the beautiful theme of Minecraft.

What makes Kit PvP Minecraft servers unique are the special rules and equipment sets used. Each server will offer item sets, known as kits, that you can use to play the game and fight other people with. These kits will each create a different gameplay experience, but still have the same goal of hunting down your opponents. As you slay more foes, you’ll gain notoriety for your actions, letting others see what you’re capable of!

Minecraft Kit PvP servers are a great way of enhancing the PvP experience within the game. With the specialized kits you can choose from before playing, you’ll be able to easily dominate with items that are put together for a reason. The list below illustrates the top Kit PvP Minecraft servers available, so you’re sure to find one you’ll love.

Minecraft Kit PvP Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
51 PhanaticMC


0/1 offline
52 PixlusMC [1.16.5]


The PixlusMC is a Java 1.16.5 server thats hosts Griefing and Raiding Survival | IP: mc.pixlus.io Griefing and Raiding Survival [1.16.5] KitPvP Lagless connection Chill staff and limited restrictions (C) Pixlus 2021

0/1500 offline
53 SkyRealms


0/750 offline
54 Snapcraft


342/1750 offline
55 SonOyuncu


699/20000 offline
56 SpartraNetwork


0/2022 offline
57 WheelCraft


34/500 offline
58 Capboi


Capboi is a fun server with fun games

0/999 offline
59 Capital Gaming


Towny - PVP - PVE - Economy - Wars - Anticheat - Discord - Skilling

0/4 offline
60 GRX3 mc


Survival server. Unlimited world. Default setup. Come play! Website : http://grx3.com Server Recently Updated to v1.15.1

0/8 offline
61 Hardcore Anarchy


1.18 Hardcore Anarchy [1 week death bans]

0/420 offline
62 MineCraft.How


0/2024 offline
63 TwentMC


TwentMC is a Minecraft server that offers a popular of game modes, including Survival, SkyBlock, SMP, and more!

0/0 offline
64 . :T3K: . Minecraft Survival


. :The Three Kings: . is a clan that has been around since 2010! We are a U.S. West Coast based clan with people that play all sorts of games. We focus on all genres in gaming, playing games like CS:GO, Battlefield, Borderlands, Minecraft, Quake Champions, World of Warcraft, AoE:II and many more! We

0/50 offline
65 424Friends


The official 424Friends cross-platform (java / bedrock) SMP Minecraft server! 424Friends is a UK and Western Europe Gaming Community found on Discord. You can also join our Discord server below for more information and to play many other games with us. https://www.discord.424friends.net/

1/424 offline
66 ArtificialCraft


Semi-Vanilla Survival Server

1/100 offline

We are one of the top Minecraft servers out there.

0/100 offline
68 Badcraft


A hard fun and awesome anarchy server (1.16.5)

0/24 offline
69 Blackstone Prison


OP Prison Server -Backpacks -OP Enchants -Ranks available for in game money -Chestshop -Skyblock -Crates -Mining Rewards

0/100 offline
70 Bosscraft


BossCraft offers 2 amazing game modes that have a lot of custom features!

87/2000 offline
71 ChocolateHills


0/0 offline
72 ChubbyCraft


Hungry for fun? Feed that craving and join us on ChubbyCraft! We currently offer three exciting game-modes, Creative, Factions, and Skyblock!

0/0 offline
73 EpicServer


Simple minecraft server with awesome plugins vanilla based and classic survival

0/10 offline
74 FajneMC


FajneMC to innowacyjny serwer SkyGen + ElytraBox + Duels. Zapraszamy do rozgrywki!

35/1337 offline
75 GamerzNest


SMP PvP and Economy Based server with awesome features and plugins to keep all players entertained.

0/0 offline