On this list you can find the best Minecraft Kit PvP servers available to play on today! Minecraft Kit PvP servers combine the classic elements of fighting other players with the beautiful theme of Minecraft.

What makes Kit PvP Minecraft servers unique are the special rules and equipment sets used. Each server will offer item sets, known as kits, that you can use to play the game and fight other people with. These kits will each create a different gameplay experience, but still have the same goal of hunting down your opponents. As you slay more foes, you’ll gain notoriety for your actions, letting others see what you’re capable of!

Minecraft Kit PvP servers are a great way of enhancing the PvP experience within the game. With the specialized kits you can choose from before playing, you’ll be able to easily dominate with items that are put together for a reason. The list below illustrates the top Kit PvP Minecraft servers available, so you’re sure to find one you’ll love.

Minecraft Kit PvP Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
126 NemeGaming


0/1000 offline
127 NewEraCraft


Bungeecord Network starting with factions! Competitive culture with zero tolerance for ragequitters!!!!

0/100 offline
128 OPCraft


0/1000 offline


0/500 offline
130 Omegacraft


755/12000 offline
131 OmniCraft


OmniCraft is a Minecraft RPG Factions server looking to cater to anyone who enjoys playing Minecraft. There is tons of unique quests, armor sets, enchantments and so many more features that make OmniCraft stand out. What are you waiting for? Come join us! > play.omnicraft.me

0/4 offline
132 Overlia


[​Java x Bedrock crossplay] OrientalMC is a crossplatform server, supporting all bedrock and java players from 1.8 - 1.16. Our current gamemode is a RPG Survival on a fully custom world map with Jobs, Quests, Mobarenas and much more! Come join us today @ play.orientalmc.net Or join our discord @

5/15 offline
133 RocketMC


0/300 offline
134 Salem Craft


0/50 offline
135 Salem Craft


0/50 offline
136 Saltwater Scourge


Pirate RPG, Custom Rafts with Custom Flags, Dungeons, Bosses, Treasure

0/20 offline
137 SeverePVP | OG Factions | 1.8 | McMMO


SeverePvP Welcome to SeverePvP! About SeverePvP has that old fashion faction and we bought it back better than ever! We have a unique factions experience with custom coded plugins to make it as unique as possible. We have custom enchantments, mcMMO, custom events, events, KoTH's, Envoys, a ranking

0/0 offline
138 SimpleSMP


0/1337 offline
139 Starvelands


Hello! and welcome to the StarveLands Community server! :wave: We are a community of gamers on the server starvelands.net built by @Hamzq and @Hidden Starvelands is a minigame built in minecraft which is a difficult custom survival type MMO RPG,

0/50 offline
140 Survival Fun


Come play some survival with a chill community! Version: 1.16

0/400 offline
141 TestingForNow


Coming back to the PC minecraft testing stuff and working daily.

0/0 offline
142 Tropicraft


Custom 1:20 Hawaii Map! Create a nation with your friends

0/1337 offline
143 Vanilla Open PVP - Omnipoint Minecraft


Brand New Server 11/19 - Survival - Open PVP

0/50 offline
144 VariaNetwork


0/100 offline
145 [EU] Adventure - Avaloncs.group

server translation (/lang) , 2 residences(200x200), custom generated worlds, bosses and bloodmoon, free fly in residence, shop, deco heads, jobs, teleport, unique spawners, backpacks, pvp, weather voting, auction house and other interesting features.

0/20 offline