On this list you can find the best Minecraft Kit PvP servers available to play on today! Minecraft Kit PvP servers combine the classic elements of fighting other players with the beautiful theme of Minecraft.

What makes Kit PvP Minecraft servers unique are the special rules and equipment sets used. Each server will offer item sets, known as kits, that you can use to play the game and fight other people with. These kits will each create a different gameplay experience, but still have the same goal of hunting down your opponents. As you slay more foes, you’ll gain notoriety for your actions, letting others see what you’re capable of!

Minecraft Kit PvP servers are a great way of enhancing the PvP experience within the game. With the specialized kits you can choose from before playing, you’ll be able to easily dominate with items that are put together for a reason. The list below illustrates the top Kit PvP Minecraft servers available, so you’re sure to find one you’ll love.

Minecraft Kit PvP Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
76 GoldenCraft


Versión recomendada [1.17.x] Versiones compatibles [1.8 - 1.1.x]

0/30 offline
77 GrandTheftMinecraft


38/39 offline
78 HappyCloud


19/100 offline
79 Horizon Network


Welcome to Horizon Network! We are a Friendly community which offer Discord and an upcoming Minecraft network, featuring amazing features, including custom discord related content. We take Minecraft and discord to a whole new level!

0/1 offline
80 ImmortalSurvival


ImmortalSurvival has a small community with freindly staff, McMMO, Crates, over 300 hours of rankups and rewards, landclaiming, and much more!

0/120 offline
81 JayoPvp


Kitpvp kill people to earn ranks and more...

1/20 offline
82 Krapus Anarchy


est un serveur français Minecraft Anarchy où chacun peut faire ce qu'il veut, vous êtes complètement libre comme l'air

2/20 offline
83 LifestealSMP


Welcome to LifeSteal SMP, a Minecraft server where you can steal hearts from other players. When you kill another player, you receive their heart while they lose a heart. This means that the player who kills someone will get one more heart and who died will loss one heart.

0/0 offline
84 Maestrea


6/100 offline
85 Marcoeh


We hope to make the players to have the best ever server experience in the world!

0/0 offline
86 MinePups


MinePups is a cryptocurrency Minecraft network and gaming community. This crypto-based server has unique features like bitcoin mining, a 24/7 drop party, monthly crates, and even a Shibcoin and Dogecoin shop

70/999 offline
87 MineVerse


2/1000 offline
88 MountainMC


0/1000 offline
89 Oasis Network


Servidor en Español Pro survival y skyblock.

0/2021 offline
90 OneBlock+

OneBlock server with menu, bees

1/50 offline
91 ReactiveMC


179/2500 offline
92 Royal Legacy


8/100 offline
93 Runa Survival Vanilla Public

Runa Survival Vanilla Public[No Resets][SMP][No Whitelist][No Rules][24/7 Up Time][Canada Hosted][100 slots][Vanilla 1.15.1]

0/6 offline
94 ScuttleMC


A SMP Server W/ Slimefun+Galactifun, McMMo, Custom Enchants, 1.8 combat, Geyser, tradinggui, veinminer, pvptoggle, & many more features.

0/20 offline
95 SugarMC

SugarMC is an upcoming Skyblock server bringing something new to the Skyblock genre, we are heavily based on bringing the PVP aspect, we can't forget our mobs too! We also introduce an PVE/PVP based experience with not over rated grinding methods, but unique features and aspects of Skyblock.

0/0 offline
96 Surival2.0


0/0 offline
97 Ultimate Haven


Fresh Map! Come back and relive the ultimate experiance!

0/35 offline
98 VexMC


VexMC is a Minecraft SMP Server with many unique and custom additions that enhance vanilla gameplay!

0/1 offline
99 WaterWay


5/1000 offline


Old-school vanilla anarchy, no hacks allowed. 30-million block radius. We NEVER reset the map. Grief, steal, kill, say anything you want.

3/100 offline